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Legal Tidbits

All the latest news, posts and more. More information coming soon about our blog.

August 6th, 2004


As part of the final jury instructions, jurors are told that they must follow the law and that no one person has any right to forego that rule because they do not like the law.  The fact is that any jury can decide to do whatever it wants once the…

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May 21st, 2004

Let’s go to the audio tape!

A Hollywood officer driving east on Sheridan street observed an argument occurring between a female driver and Ryon D, on the shoulder of the road.  Upon further investigation, the officer discovered that the two persons were a live-in couple.  The…

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October 21st, 2003

No Morss!

Jasper M was a down-on-his-luck, unemployed, disheveled, homeless, drug addict.  He had been in and out of jail for one drug offense after another.  He was an addict for as long back as he could remember.  He was also a favorite target for officers…

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August 3rd, 2003


In the early morning hours of a humid August night, along a dimly lit road, in Pompano’s drug corner, undercover officers of the Broward Sheriff’s Office infamous ‘Raiders’ purchased twenty dollars worth of cocaine.  A takedown signal was given, the…

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May 10th, 2003

Hotel, Motel

The Broward Sheriff’s Office was called by hotel staff at a Dania Beach hotel in reference to an allegation of domestic violence witnessed by the hotel clerk on video surveillance.  Based on the video, supposedly corroborated by the responding…

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July 20th, 2002


I will never forget this case, not just because it was my first jury trial as a licensed attorney (I did go to trial once or twice in Alachua County as an intern with the Public Defender’s Office), but also because of the colorful cast of characters…

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